The Ranking System

When you play Scopa against other people or the computer, you can earn points and move up in the rankings!

Daily and monthly rankings use the Central European timezone. (The timezone of Italy, of course!)

Here are all the ways you can earn points:

  • One point every time you beat the computer.
  • If you play at the Advanced level, and you beat another person, you get the difference in your final scores. For example, if you win a game 11-4, you get seven points.
  • If the player who is winning a game quits before the end of the game , nobody gets any points.
  • If you do not make a move on your turn, and a week goes by, the game will be deleted and you lose half your points.

Points from the old Scopa game

If you played Scopa at the old site, on Facebook, you will start with a number of points, based on your previous ranking.